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Which utilities are included? What is the average cost of utilities?

  • Water and Sewer are paid directly to the property at a set monthly rate of $80.
  • The trash is paid to Recaulogy, the “Trash Company”, and will be paid directly to Recaulogy, at an average rate of $24 each month.
  • PG & E will handle the electric as well as the gas for your unit. Bills are based on usage.

Is there a fee to pay using my credit car?

No cards are accepted at this time.

What shopping is nearby?

  • Within walking distance, we have the Walmart neighborhood market as well as Costco, and Winco. Whole foods and Bel Air are very close.
  • The fast food to Fine Dinning are with a mile of the property.
  • The Galleria Mall, one of the largest malls in northern California is with a 1.5 of the property.

Is there a mailbox on the property for outgoing mail?

There are 2 locations for the mail as well as the outgoing mail.

How do I set up to pay my rent online?

It is possible to add Sunset Rocklin to the payee list through your online banking. We may be listed with the bank of your choice, but if not, it is very simple to add Sunset Rocklin as a payee.

Who do call if the washer / dryer is not working ?

Each unit has its own washer and dryer. Full size units. There is a Emergency Maintenance number given to all the tenants for after hours emergency maintenance.

Where is the library?

There are 2 library’s in the area. One 2 miles from the property on Rocklin Road. The other is at the Sierra College campus.

What are the office hours? Is there a drop box if I can’t make it there during those hours?

Office hours are 10-6 m-f, and yes, there is a drop box at the office.

How do a turn in a non-emergency service request?

  • The most common way, is to email the office with any service requests.
  • Call the office to submit any service requests.

Will SRT accept packages in the office if you not at home?

Yes, SRT will hold any packages for the tenants.

What day does trash get picked up?

Every Monday, so each trash can will be set out sometime Sunday afternoon to be collected on Monday Morning. The can must then be returned to your garage for storage until the next week.

Questions on a new apartment?

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